Impact Innovation Program

Engage and train your managers to accelerate sustainable innovation across the company. A series of short participative workshops online matching innovative thinking with hands-on experimentation.

User-Centric Innovation Workshop

Introduce user-centric innovation and design thinking to your leaders in a collaborative and experiential workshop – online or face to face.

Unicorn Business Innovation Workshop

Think like a startup and create incredible innovations!

This fast-paced, engaging online workshop will unleash the creativity of your staff.

Inspiration, Experience & Learning into Action

Upcoming Courses

The Corporate Innovator

Learn the Mindset and Method for Leading Innovation | Nov 25th

The Human Centered Leader

Cultivate empathy and a culture of feedback in your team | Dec 10th

Change the Game!

Online Learning with Real Engagement and Impact

Worklife is changing has changed. As companies become more agile and self-managed, the demands of workforce development require engaging, human-centered solutions. Our goal is to empower you to transform corporate learning.

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New Product

Insights on

Create powerful discussions and insights on Sustainability. Perfect for training programs, workshops and team meetings.

Play it Digital

Participants play with virtual cards designed to spark powerful insights on sustainability. Create engaging online experiences bustling with meaningful dialogue.

Play it with Cards

The same great experience delivered through traditional playing cards. Create a Sustainability Mindset in your organization today!

We used Insights Cards in our strategy session and they helped to open our thoughts better than discussing different viewpoints.

Jani Laherto

Group Quality Manager, Ponsse Oy

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