12 Transformative Questions for Corporate Innovators

In order to facilitate change and innovation in organisations, corporate innovators need to cultivate an open, questioning mindset. In this simple post and infographic we selected 12 powerful questions from 6 different aspects of organisational development.

12 Transformative Questions for Corporate Innovators

Corporate Innovation has different aspects from business model development to understanding future megatrends and the changing business landscape. Here are 6 aspects corporate innovators can explore and ask powerful questions:

Business Model

Business model innovation looks at designing new business models around existing capabilities and offerings. With clever business model innovation you can reduce risk and cost and create new value.

1. Where can you break convention?

2. What counts that you are not counting?

Customers and Market

Customer and market innovation looks at involving the customer in the development of new offerings and value creation. Steve Blank has developed some great resources on how startup companies do customer development.

3. How can your customers be part of the value creation?

4. Who uses your product in ways you never expected?

Inforgraphic: 8 Skills and Traits to Develop Yourself as a Design Thinking Leader

Infographic: 12 Transformative Questions for Corporate Innovators. Click to enlarge…

Future & Megatrends

A key area for corporate innovators is to understand where the world and business is going and what megatrends may affect the company’s possibilities of success.

5. How will the business landscape change in the next five years?

6. What megatrends could make your business model obsolete?

Innovation Mindset

On an organisational level, a couple of creative minds will not have a lasting impact, unless it cultivates a growth and innovation mindset across the company.

7. Which positive habits would encourage creativity?

8. What happens in your company or team when people fail?

Product Innovation

An obvious area of focus in corporate innovation, companies compete continuously with new products and services. Design Thinking can help to innovate here with a user centered approach.

9. What should you not innovate on?

10. What if your product was… simple / fun / gamified / free?

Workplace Innovation

Beyond the market, product and business model, companies and corporate innovators should also look at internal processes and workplace innovation. How to question the way that things are done?

11. Which work processes are slowing down innovation?

12. What would ideal conditions for cultivating innovation look like?

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