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Top Leadership Conferences in 2020

Top Leadership Conferences in 2020

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Facilitation Friday

Welcome to our series of mini-blogs containing tips and thoughts on different aspects of workshop facilitation and participative learning design.

We’ll kick off the series with Bloom Taxonomy. By defining good learning objectives, you can design the right kind of learning experience (as opposed to jumping right into the content and activities).

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember (1/6)

Learners who have mastered Remember should be able to recall information, or define important terms.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Understand (2/6)

Learners who have mastered Understand should be able to explain ideas and concepts, discuss and describe a topic in detail, explain what it means, recognise it and translate the facts in some way.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply (3/6)

Learners are able to solve problems to new situations by applying the acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Analyse (4/6)

Learners are able to articulate the relationship between different ideas and can breakdown their learning into elements or parts.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Evaluate (5/6)

Learners are able to make judgments about the value of material and methods for given purposes.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Create (6/6)

Learners are able to put elements together to form a new coherent or functional whole, or re-organise elements into a new pattern or structure.