I have only 20 minutes available, can I still play?

We would recommend having a minimum of 30min on the agenda. Otherwise, inform players in advance that you will play with a timer and the game ends when the timer rings and the one who is furthest will win the game.

The game went too quickly, what do I do?

Play again. You can also plan for 2 rounds from the start so instead of going to the finish line in round one, players pass the start again.

I have 20 participants and only one board game set, is it possible to play?

We recommend to have 3 or 4 games sets and organise groups of 5-6 players. If you don’t have multiple game sets available, there are instructions on using only the cards on our website.

I have three groups and I am afraid some may finish the game at different times than others. How should I manage the time?

Ask the players who are finished to coach the other players.

I need more game materials eg insight sheets.

You can download the files for printing more insights sheets on our website resources. You can also order more card decks separately. Pawns and dice are fairly standard and you should find some in any well-equipped gaming store near you.

Do you have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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