Leadership Agility Program

Engage and train your managers on agile leadership skills to thrive in the age of digital transformation. The program consists of short participative workshops online combining innovative thinking with hands-on experimentation.

Connect Leadership and Innovation

Leadership agility is about developing as a people-centered leader as well as a design thinking business innovator.

Engaging Workshops Online

Five participative workshops facilitated by world-class trainers. Experience game-based learning, team work, and experimentation.

Agile Interventions

Short and powerful events provide energizing bursts of learning, leaving space to combine other activities and contents to the program.

Agile Leadership Mindset

An agile, innovative mindset is the foundation for thriving in a world of constant change. The key themes include: Discovering the power of questions, building empathy, and developing how to continuously learn and grow.

Disrupt or be Disrupted!

In a highly engaging business innovation game, participants explore future Megatrends, successful Business Models, and create incredible, sustainable business concepts in teams. Buckle your seatbelts for this experiential online workshop!

User-Centric Leadership

The capacity to empathise and understand the people you lead is at the core of Leadership Agility. Design Thinking is a key method for user-centric leadership and innovation. To understand the whole process, participants will create user personas and build prototypes to solve pressing problems in this fast-paced collaborative workshop. 

“The Unicorn Game allowed us to immediately enter an “out of the box” mood, take our creativity to the next level, and think and act as entrepreneurs do”

Fernando Sandoval, Manager @ Enel Innovation Hub Europe

What You Get

Customised to your needs, we can create an impactful and engaging learning journey. Create links other contents from Digital Transformation and Strategy to Design Thinking and Business Development.

  • A series of 5 workshops with access to required tools, templates, and game licenses.
  • Up to 40 participants can join the program together.
  • The whole experience can be delivered face to face or entirely online, and can be facilitated in English, French, German, Spanish, or Finnish.
  • All the written and digital materials are in English, with translations available as an extra service.

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