Our Services

We craft inspiring workshops and programs for executive training and design custom games to match your learning objectives.

Custom Learning Design

We create custom games based on your desired impact and learning goals.

We can create a game, simulation or gamified learning tool on any management topic or change process. Our existing customers are tackling challenges from culture change and leadership development to strategy rollout and employee onboarding.

Hey Game Changer

Let’s Design A Game For You.

Our design process is a lean and participatory journey. We will provide you a fixed quote based on the scope defined together.



Starting point. Immersion. Setting goals.


Gather background materials, define goals and audiences and let the creative energy run free.

Design & Prototype

Go for concrete early on and learn from practice. A good (game) design is built on user experience.


We have production partners for ordering individual games or scaling up for mass production.


We help you to communicate and roll-out the ready product to scale impact.

Game Workshops

Inspiring game workshops for executive training. Helping your staff to enrol games and tools for scaling change.

We can facilitate a single game workshop or train your trainers to deliver the experience, or support you in integrating the learning experience in a change process. Take a look at our larger than life Unicorn Game Innovation Workshop or explore how to get managers experience design thinking in action with the Unlimited Design Thinking Workshop.

Train the Trainer

The aim of the train the trainer package is to get an organisation ready to deploy the game across the organisation in innovation programs, workshops and events.

What you get

  • 1-day workshop including Unlimited Design Thinking game experience for up to 30 players (90min) by a professional facilitator
    • Tips and tricks on how to facilitate a good game workshop
    • Practising together and creating an individual action plan
  • 10 copies of Unlimited Design Thinking Game
  • Digital instructor materials
  • Individual game coaching and follow-ups with the trainers with a maximum allocation of 20h of support. This can also include help in customising workshop materials.

“We are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to teach theoretical concepts and models. We now know that gamification leads to the faster and better absorption of knowledge. So while you can explain these kinds of models, which we do, during the game the participants actually get to experience what we mean in practice.”

Stijn Viaene, Professor of Digital Transformation

Free Templates & Tools

Practical tools and templates to start changing the game. Our goal is to enable corporate game changers and learning innovators to put ideas into action. Download the PDF files, print and use for free.

Coaching Canvas

Based on the renowned GROW model, the canvas helps you to practice self- and peer coaching. 

Innovation Workshop

Download our DIY kit to create a Unicorn innovation workshop, including sample materials.

Learning Contract

Create your personalised learning plan with this easy-to-use and well-designed learning contract.

Learning Design Tool

Start planning your learning event with this user-centric learning experience design tool.