Facilitate the ultimate business innovation workshop!

Take your learners on an epic journey of innovation and disruption

Level up innovation skills, teamwork and creative mindset with an immersive simulation.

Played by gamechangers around the globe

What is the Unicorn Game?

The Unicorn Game is an engaging workshop concept and serious game for teams to enhance co-creation, user-centricity and creativity.

Participants need to collaborate, adapt and learn fast to cope with disruption and changing business landscape.

Thousands of managers, executives, and entrepreneurs around the globe have already experienced it.

Get your team future-ready and facilitate the game online or face to face.

Grow innovation superpowers


Using business innovation tools and frameworks. Pitching ideas and negotiating resources.


Facilitating groups and improving collaboration. Mastering communication tools and styles.

Design Thinking

Understanding systems and identifying root problems. Designing solutions to address real user pains and needs.


Articulate compelling, inspirational stories. Use visuals and tools beyond words.

Growth mindset

A positive and determined mindset. Self-awareness and -development.

Supercharged Facilitation

Set up the game in minutes for flexible group sizes from 6 to 60. Automated role assignments, contents and result calculations make it easy to facilitate a participative, engaging workshop!

  • easy game joining
  • automatic role assignment
  • automatic result calculations

An Immersive Visual Experience

A visual game dashboard allows participants to discover the game stages at the pace dictated by the facilitator. You can customise roles and contents, export participant lists and even set up personalised in-game links for collaboration and harvesting insights.

  • open journey stages at your pace
  • customise roles and teams on the fly
  • personalise your game
  • export participant lists for post comms

Limitless Innovation Possibilities

Innovation doesn’t start with an empty canvas. The game provides thousands of variables to combine eyeopening Megatrends, inspiring Business Models and apply them across different industry Offerings.

In the Unicorn Game, participants enter a simulation where they develop new startup business ideas and pitch to high-profile investors.

Who will develop the next billion dollar business concept and become the next Unicorn?

1. Setting up

Before you facilitate a game workshop, start by these simple steps

Get ready…

Familiarise yourself with the gameplay and presentation materials

Configure game

Use the default settings for a quick and easy start, randomise or assign specific missions – it’s your call.

Tuning in

Prime the participants by sharing a video, an article or a little power lecture on innovation, using our game resource bank.

2. Game on!

You can host the game experience online or face to face. Each player uses their computer or tablet browser to connect to the game. No installs required!

3. Post-Game Analysis

After the high-speed startup game experience, it is good to step back and reflect on the insights.

What did we learn? How can we take the learning into action?

After the game, bring the reflection back to your work context and internal communication channels. Just enter a link via the settings menu and participants will access your channels directly from the game. Our game resources also have ideas on activities to take learning a step further.

What do unicorns have to do with innovation?

A “Unicorn” is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. Startups are fast innovators, often disrupting industries and challenging the incumbents.

Startup innovation has become popular in large companies to learn agile ways of business model development and collaboration.


How can you prove it works? Where has it been used and how?

The Unicorn Game has been developed by a Nordic startup company, World of Insights. It has been played in over 25 countries by thousands of people from all levels of organisations.

It has been implemented in several training programs, workshops and corporate accelerators.

Large companies such as Deloitte, Euroclear, Nestlé and Siemens have used it to advance innovation culture, while several individual facilitators and consultants have taken it on board to use the game with their clients.


The Unicorn Game can be used in one-time events, such as a team kick-off or an in-house company event. Many organisations and facilitators deploy the workshop in ongoing training sessions throughout the year.