Disrupt or be Disrupted

The Unicorn Game

The Unicorn Game

Engage your team in a larger than life storytelling game that combines playing cards with a creative challenge.

"The Unicorn game puts you straight into a startup mindset while continuously disrupting you throughout the entire gaming experience."

- Camilla Qrtoft Jensen, Training & Development Specialist, Nestlé

"We need more educational games like these in Business schools to transform our book learning and apply the things we learned and practice it in a pseudo real world environment."

- Michelle Hu IMBA Candidate of National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan, International Exchange student at Aalto University

"The Unicorn Game has transformed my workshops and lectures into an engaging interactive experience, where the learners are on the driving seat."

- Will Cardwell, Adjunct Professor, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Kenan-Flagler Business School at University of North Carolina

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A workshop in a box, you get everything* to engage 9 to 30 participants in an exciting, participative learning experience. Throughout the 90 minutes game experience, the players learn how to think like a startup and create incredible innovations.

*= Game materials include:
- 84 cards
- Game master PowerPoint slides
- Hand-outs for the players


Build your Innovation Muscles

Developing capacity for business innovation is like building new muscles. While you may learn some tips and tricks from theory, you need to practice in a safe environment to get ready for disruption in the real world.

Level Up your training

Let go of those boring slideshows and replace your training with a fun and impactful learning experience. Let's Play!

Power of co-creation

This game experience is all about the power of teams and co-creation. Battling to disrupt industries, players come up with incredible ideas to inspire action back at work.

Who we are

World of Insights transforms corporate learning into engaging games. Our games are easy to use and add a fun element to any workshop. Buy them from our web shop and you will receive them anywhere in the world within days.

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