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The mission of World of Insights is to transform corporate learning. We are passionate about organisational learning.

For us, it means creativity, growth, behaviour change and ultimately, better performance individually and collectively.


Learning Approach

Combining user centric learning design, game-based learning and technology, we put the participant on the driver’s seat of the learning experience.

Our world-class facilitators and learning designers are experts in participative learning online and face to face.

With twenty years of industry experience, we have developed hundreds of learning solutions, tools, games and trainings.

Learning is driven and measured by desired impact. We put a high emphasis on learning transfer and the use of practical job aids.

Our design principles include three elements necessary for effective learning and behaviour changes.

Cognitive Elements

Participants need a framework or schema to organize their knowledge.

Emotional Element

Participants need to connect and engage with the personal impact on self and others.

Application Element

Participants must practice and do something to embed new learning.

This engagement-based approach:

  • Reduces the volume of ‘lecture and information’.
  • Includes more emotional elements than is usually experienced.
  • Significantly increases the application, practice and feedback element.

The approach leads to a more engaging learning experiences where participants feel as well as think about the topic, and embed learning with relevant workplace applications.

Our Team

Our talented team is a mix of experts on learning, technology and design. With this combination, we can create unique learning solutions from digital to physical products and live experiences.

Experienced Facilitators

We work with a wide network of world-class facilitators, who are experts in creating participative, engaging learning experiences in executive education.

Learning Experts

At the center of our work is a passion and expertise on learning in organisations. Creating impactful learning results in improved performance and desired behaviour.


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Eliza Hochman

Eliza Hochman

Learning Experience Director

eliza (at) worldofinsights.co
+358 (0) 44 94 37 517

Timo Karjalainen

Timo Karjalainen

Chief Game Changer

timo (at) worldofinsights.co
+358 (0) 44 205 5143

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We are based at the heart of the capital city Helsinki in the Punavuori design district.

World of Insights
Albertinkatu 10 a 2
00150 Helsinki

info (at) worldofinsights.co


World of Insights creates games to transform corporate learning. Our participative business games blend card and board game elements with simulation, video and online learning.

We sell ready-made games on our webshop and customize games on any management topic from employee engagement to digital transformation.

The company is spreading fast amongst the learning and development community around the world, with customers already in over 20 countries, including multinational organizations like Nestlé, Accor Hotels, Euroclear, Vlerick Business School, Finnair, Axa Insurance and Henley Business School.