Our Story

The mission of World of Insights is to transform corporate learning. We are passionate about organizational learning and have been working in the field for the past twenty years around Europe.


The Challenge


Learning is still too often about presentations and lectures

Neuroscience and psychology research has shown us that lectures are a wonderful way to teach but a terrible way to learn.


The hardest part of learning is to transfer the new knowledge into action.

Without knowledge transfer, learning has very little impact.


Face to face learning programs can be difficult to scale.

They reach a small number of people at a time, and online learning is generally not as engaging.

The Solution

Scale learning by reaching a maximum of learners.

Create games that can be facilitated by staff themselves. Concrete tools can be spread across organizations and help cascade the effects in-house.

Transform learning by creating active experiences

Focus on the participants, not on the presenter or expert.

Accelerate learning impact by engaging participants

Design game-based learning with transfer in mind and focus on skills that are directly transferable to the work context.

Our Team

Our team and associates are a mix of talents in learning and development, executive education, design, games and digital learning.

We are based in the capital area of Helsinki, Finland and have associates in
Belgium, France and the UK.

Eliza Hochman

Eliza Hochman


+358 (0) 44 94 37 517

Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos

Visual Designer

+358 (0) 45 114 6376

Timo Karjalainen

Timo Karjalainen

Chief Game Changer

+358 (0) 44 205 5143

Marion Suter

Marion Suter

Sustainability and Innovation Project Manager

+41 77 432 31 27

Sampo Leino

Sampo Leino

Director of Digital Services

+358 (0) 46 811 0825

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UUnto Rautio Aalto-yliopisto Photo credits: Unto Rautio, Aalto University

We are based at the A Grid co-working space in the “Silicon Valley of Finland.” The southern Finland city of Espoo has been awarded as the “most intelligent community in the world” as well as the most sustainable city in Europe.

World of Insights
A Grid, Otakaari 5
02150 Espoo



World of Insights creates games to transform corporate learning. Our participative business games blend card and board game elements with simulation, video and online learning. We sell ready-made games on our webshop and customize games on any management topic from employee engagement to digital transformation.

The company is spreading fast amongst the learning and development community around the world, with customers already in over 20 countries, including multinational organizations like Nestlé, Accor Hotels, Euroclear, Vlerick Business School, Finnair, Axa Insurance and Henley Business School.