How to Play Dare to Learn

A Card Game to Rethink Learning in Organisations


This card game helps to accelerate learning in organisations. It includes three sets of cards, which can be played separately as three independent game sessions, or one after the other, in one single session.

At the beginning of the game, deal a Licence to Dare and Learn card for each player.

Use as an ice-breaker to create dialogue on learning.

Use as a brainstorming tool to spark new ideas.

Use to transform insights into action.




Get a group of 3 to 5 players together. Use a space where you can sit in a circle. For larger groups, source one game deck per group of 5 players max. Reserve about 15 minutes for a single game set, or a good 60 minutes if you want to play all three sets in one session.


You can use the game rules on the cards or download the rules presentation below, if you want to display it from a screen.


The game does not require a facilitator, if one the players reads out the rules and makes sure everyone have understood the instructions.


Post-Game Debrief


After the game is over, it is good practice to reflect on the experience. You can discuss questions such as :

  • What insights did you gain?
  • What did learn from each other? What knowledge did we create?
  •  Are there collective action points we should act on?


Ask players to write down individually one key insight to take-away into action and thank them for taking part in the experience.