How to Play Unlimited Design Thinking Game

Unlimited is a design thinking game for leaders and managers. Like a workshop in a box, you can use it to introduce design thinking in your company. With the game materials, you can create a 1-hour engaging learning experience.



Choose a game master to run the game. 

Find a suitable space and invite participants to play. 

Source some kitchen foil for prototyping material (or you can use paper, pens, cardboard, play dough, lego…) 

Download materials

Download and print one of the Persona Sheet for each team:

Playing Time

60–90 min 


Unlimited is a team game. We recommend teams of two to six players. Two teams (a max of 10 players) can play with one deck.. You can play with a larger group by purchasing additional decks. For example, you need three decks for a group of 30 players. 

Post-Game Debrief

When the game is over, it’s good to reflect on the learning experience:

  • What insights did you gain?
  • What did you learn about design thinking?
  • Where could you apply a design thinking approach in your own work?

Ask players to write down individually one key insight to take-away into action. 

Get in touch if you can’t find an answer to your question regarding the game.