Insight Cards on Innovation

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Innovators, game-changers and team leaders ahoy! Transform your innovation workshop or corporate training event with our legendary Insights Cards on Innovation. Get the creative juices flowing with this easy-to-use and versatile innovation tool.

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Great Innovation Tool

Our Insight Cards are easy-to-use and suitable for multiple corporate training settings. Team leaders and facilitators all over the world use the cards to start an innovation workshop or inspire dialogue in small groups. Based on the latest management theories as well as neuroscience, this game tool draws on powerful questions great innovators ask.

Inspire Innovation

The game deck includes 40 powerful question cards on innovation and 12 “what if” questions to spark innovative thinking.

Players: Up to 15 with one deck.
Duration: 10-45min flexible use.

When to use:
• Innovation workshops and corporate training events
• Team meetings or away days
• Networking events
• Brainstorming
• Customer gifts



We used Insights Cards on Innovation in one strategy session and the cards helped to open our thoughts better than discussing different viewpoints. 

Jani Laherto, Group Quality Manager, Ponsse Oy


The Insight Cards really help to explore learners’ horizons and push the boundaries of their self-awareness.

Irina Ketkin, Learning and Development Consultant CIPD, Learning Adventures Ltd


What Should I Use It For?


The cards are easy to carry and suit multiple settings and group sizes.

Facilitator in a Pocket

The Insight Cards on Innovation are simple to adopt in minutes and require no facilitation skills.


The game builds individual and collective capacity to discover innovation insights through powerful questions.