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Engage your team in a larger than life innovation game that combines playing cards with a creative challenge. With the Unicorn Game, you can create a powerful and participative training session for business leaders and innovators.

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Players learn how to think like a startup and create incredible innovations. A workshop in a box, you get everything to engage 9 to 30 participants in an exciting, participative learning experience.

The Unicorn Game has already been played in multinational corporations around the world as well as executive education training programs and corporation-startup collaboration processes.

Key themes related to this powerful learning experience:

Digital Transformation – Use technological megatrends to create innovation.
Business Model Innovation – Get inspiration from successful startups and use their economic model as a basis for creating new business models.
Think Like a Startup – Develop the agility, fast thinking and pitching capabilities of a startup.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 92 × 66 × 4 cm

Playing time: 60–90min
Players: up to 30 players with one deck
Game contents:
• 84 playing cards
• Game master PowerPoint slides,
• Hand-outs for the players, incl. Investment recording sheets, Game Master agenda & Results calculation sheet



We played the Unicorn game with 16-18 year old young adults and they came up with amazing ideas! The game makes it so easy to build a business idea with clear instructions and good framework for pitching.

Sam Kullar, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Ventures, Deloitte MCS Limited


The Unicorn game always results in engagement and ideas. It’s perfect in an academic, corporate or entrepreneurial setting.

Alexander Sulaimani, Partner, Continuous Improvement and Transformation, Euroclear


The Unicorn game is a fun disruptive innovation game that sparks great insights and amazing conversations.

Rasmus Basilier, Network Manager, Boost Turku


“The Unicorn game puts you straight into a startup mindset while continuously disrupting you throughout the entire gaming experience.”

Camilla Ørtoft Jensen, Transformation Manager, Nestle


What Should I Use It For?

Build Your Innovation Muscles

Developing capacity for business innovation is like building new muscles. While you may learn some tips and tricks from theory, you need to practice in a safe environment to get ready for disruption in the real world.

Level Up Your Training

Let go of those boring slideshows and replace your training with a fun and impactful learning experience. Let’s Play!

Power of Co-Creation

This game experience is all about the power of teams and co-creation. Battling to disrupt industries, players come up with incredible ideas to inspire action back at work.


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