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Leader as coach

Leader as Coach Training

Develop your managers’ coaching skills to enable them to lead with questions rather than by telling their team members what to do.

In the training, we use a learning game as a tool to practice the GROW coaching model in action.

The training encourages peer coaching and helps managers to practice a coaching approach without the need to be a certified coach.


Level up leadership and coaching

  • From 90 minutes to four hours live online or face to face.
  • Resources and tools to prepare for the live experience and to transfer the learning back to work.
  • Flexible size group from 10 to 40 participants.
  • World-class facilitators with a minimum of 20 years of experience delivering engaging workshops


  • Each participant can receive a physical copy of the GROW game as a take-away.
  • An engaging self-paced online learning course for building the foundations on coaching.

“The Coaching Game is an excellent tool for leadership trainings and workshops. I think that this game helps managers to learn and become familiar with good questions and the power in the coaching approach.”

Hilkka Alatalo, Coach (ICF/ACC), former VP, Talent Management, Valmet

Loved by corporate game changers around the globe.

Practice coaching in action

The training is a participative and hands-on learning experience to practice coaching in action.

  • Identify the difference between counselling, coaching and mentoring.
  • Illustrate the qualities of an effective Leader Coach.
  • Apply fundamental coaching skills incl. a conversational coaching model.
  • Practice coaching skills in a safe environment.

“I find the GROW: Coaching Game very helpful and the people I worked with really enjoyed using the cards – it puts them in a game-like state of mind and makes the whole process easier. I would definitely recommend this game to fellow coaches to use it in their coaching sessions.”

Irina Ketkin, Learning & Development Consultant (CIPD) at Learning Adventures Ltd

Leader as coach

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