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Leader as coach

Leading Change Workshop

Transforming legacy organisations to agile moving innovators requires a systemic understanding of leadership. Experience it in a powerful organisation simulation.

Organisational problems are often not personal, instead they are systemic. Changing the people may not help if you don’t change the context in which they operate.

This powerful online simulation allows participants to experience in practice how to identify dysfunctional patterns and turn them into success.

Experience Organisational Transformation

  • A 3h workshop experience online or face to face.
  • Flexible size group from 15 to 40 participants can join the workshop together.
  • World-class facilitators with a minimum of 20 years of experience delivering engaging workshops

“Having seen many trainings, very few are leading to personal aha experiences and this definitely did!”

Jenni Suomela, VP, Finnair

“World of Insights turns the meeting room into a playroom.”

Marginalia Future of Work Magazine

Loved by corporate game changers around the globe.

How does it work

This workshop draws on the ground-breaking work of Barry Oshry and his insights into systems leadership. Our accredited Organization Workshop facilitators have created an online experience, where participants will learn how to:

  • Focus on improving systemic conditions rather than fixing people.
  • Identify predictable, dysfunctional patterns and how to avoid them.
  • Develop strategies for building successful partnerships that make successful organizations.

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Let’s make a perfect fit by creating links to other contents from leadership to change management and design thinking.

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