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Live online learning experience

The accelerator is an in-company training program, consisting of 5 x 3h live online workshops. In between workshops, you will have a chance to put your learning designs into practice, while supported by our learning design experts. 

Learn more about the program ingredients below and get a specific quote for your organisation at the end of this page.

From time to time, we run also open programs for individuals across organisations.

Learning Solutions


Learning Solutions

Live Workshops

Total of 15h live online workshops (5x3h) create the spine of the powerful learning journey.

Learning Activity Design Template

Practical Learning Tools

A wide range of digital and physical learning tools enable the transfer of insights into action.

Learning into Action

Work on actual projects to implement improvements and get feedback from learning experience experts.

Why This Program?

When your company learning experiences could be described by one or more of the following:

  • Too many slide shows.
  • Not designed with the learners’ needs in mind.
  • Good content, but not engaging.
  • Delivered by experts who know their topic but not how to design or facilitate learning.
  • Not designed or delivered with a systematic learning method.
  • Not measured consistently for efficient analysis of ROI.

What Will it Do?

This accelerator program transforms the impact of learning across your organisation:

  1. Develop a clear, systematic approach to learning experience design in your company.
  2. Enable staff to design and facilitate interactive, learner-centered and impactful learning experiences.
  3. Level up learning engagement and employee satisfaction.
  4. Train a team of high performing learning experience designers.
  5. Measure impact and increase the return on investment of your training efforts.

    Who is the program for?

    The program is suitable for all learning professionals and content experts in an organisation:


    • Managers, team leaders and trainers who lead trainings and workshops.
    • Training managers and learning designers who plan trainings and support impactful learning.
    • L&D executives who steer the learning and training activities in your company.

      How does it work?

      The program is more than a training, it is an accelerator program: you will design your own learning experiences and work on relevant development projects.

      • Work on your own learning design projects.
      • Receive individual feedback and support.
      • Total of 15h live online workshops (5x3h).
      • Develop a systematic learning approach for your company.
      • Improve the way learning is measured and evaluated.
      • Utilise concrete learning tools during and after the program.
      • Receive a certificate of learning experience design

      The Learning Journey

      Module 1: Human-Centered Learning

      How to put the learners at the heart of your corporate training?

      The learning journey starts with an exploration of your learners. To be able to create unique learning experiences, we need to know who our learners will be, what their unique needs and challenges are, and what they want to do better or differently.

      Being human-centric means that we start with the learner, not with the content.

      Themes and topics

      • The “twin sins” of learning design
      • Design thinking and learning experience design
      • Human-centered design: understanding your learners
      • Tool: Applying the human-centered design canvas

      Module 2: Designing for Impact

      How to turn learning objectives into impact?

      Once we have a clear picture of our learners and the desired impact of the training, it’s time to create the journey.

      The learning objectives are signposts along the way, that guide every step and makes sure we progress towards our goal.

      Themes and topics

      • The Learning Design Triangle (Learning Objective, Learning Activity, Proof of Learning)
      • The dos and don’ts of learning objectives
      • Bloom’s Taxonomy and active verbs
      • Tools: Defining learning objectives -sheet, Active Verbs cheat sheet

      Module 3: Creating Learning Activities

      How to create engaging learning activities?

      This is where the secret sauce is created that will make your training unique and engaging. 

      Learning activities is where the “magic” of learning experience design happens: Taking learning objectives and transforming them into activities that will make learning stick.

      Themes and topics

      • Ingredients of engaging learning activities
      • Creating an infinity of activities
      • Facilitation techniques and finding your style
      • Tools: Learning journey design, Learning activity design

      Module 4: Tools, Technologies and Games

      A visual game dashboard allows participants to discover the game stages at the pace dictated by the facilitator. You can customise roles and contents, export participant lists and even set up personalised in-game links for collaboration and harvesting insights.

      Themes and topics

      • Gamification or playful learning, an essential difference
      • How to choose the right technology for your game
      • A step by step guide to creating your learning game
      • Tool: Participatory learning tools resource

      Module 5: Learning Evaluation

      How to make sure learning has impact?

      Evaluation and learning transfer are key components in effective learning experience design. When the intent is to evaluate the impact of learning, too often there is a tendency to use “happy sheets” to check if the audience has enjoyed themselves.

      In the final workshop we will dive into the common stumbling blocks and illustrate how to use learning design principles for better evaluation and transfer. 

      Themes and topics

      • Evaluations: shifting from how to what.
      • Addressing the knowing-doing gap.
      • Planning for learning transfer, who to involve.
      • Designing your own learning evaluations.

      The accelerator is facilitated and managed by our leading experts.

      All participants receive a certificate of learning experience design upon course completion.

      Program leader Eliza Hochman is the learning experience director of World of Insights. A facilitator, trainer and thought leader on learning and organisational change, she has worked with global organisations including Accor hotels, Axa Insurance, Bekaert, Deloitte, Finnair, HEC Paris, Henley Business School and Vlerick Business School.

      No to slideshow marathons.

      Yes to engaging learning.

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      The World of Insights team is a great source of inspiration and help us keep pushing the boundaries about how innovation and learning experiences could be designed.

      Catherine Wallwork

      Director of Innovation Engagement & Mindset, Deloitte Ventures

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