The Unicorn Innovation Game

An engaging workshop concept and serious game for teams to enhance co-creation, user-centricity and creativity.

Fast Facts

The Unicorn is an innovation game for business teams. It combines serious game elements into a creative challenge, resulting in a powerful and fun learning experience.

Participants need to collaborate, adapt and learn fast to cope with disruption and changing business landscape.

Thousands of managers, executives, and entrepreneurs around the globe have already experienced it.

Get your team future-ready in a 3h experience online or face to face.

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Learning Objectives

This training will enable your team to:

  • Collaborate to create innovative solutions.
  • Develop a growth mindset to drive progress in your company.
  • Experience a sense of how fast-moving startup companies disrupt industries.
  • Use global megatrends and innovative business models as a source of inspiration.
  • Use Design Thinking, storytelling and personas to make effective pitches and value proposition.

Who it is for

The Unicorn is a great experience for all teams wanting to improve collaboration skills and future-readiness:

  • Business leaders and managers from all business areas
  • Innovation teams, managers and leaders
  • Corporate accelerator staff and participants
  • Innovation project leaders

What You Get

  • A 3h learning experience with access to required digital tools, templates, and game licenses.
  • Up to 25 participants can join the workshop together.
  • A world-class workshop facilitator. The whole experience can be delivered face to face or entirely online.
  • Participants receive a job-aid to apply learning in practice and a Game Changer Certificate.

Workshop Agenda


What does an innovation mindset look like? How do companies compete with business models?

Game On!

Form teams and get them ready to compete for the best Unicorn business idea!

Innovate Together

Use megatrends, innovative business models and offerings to create new value propositions.

Pitch and Invest

Formulate ideas in the form of a pitch, learn how think like an investor and discover the winner of the Unicorn Game!

Learning into Action

Working in small groups and sharing experiences, participants will leave with practical tips and increased confidence to advance innovation.

Easy-to-use Game Tech

  • Each participant receives a personal link to access the game.
  • Participants are automatically divided in teams of four to six.
  • Users can browse through their digital cards, create and edit their team name and slogan, and make investments.
  • Game results are calculated and visualised in seconds.

Visual, interactive experience

"Brilliant and inspiring, the game really helped to bring out the creative energy in each of us, and we came up with some super cool ideas!"

Alexander Suleimani Partner, Euroclear

"The Unicorn Game puts you straight into a startup mindset while continuously disrupting you throughout the entire gaming experience."

Camilla Ørtoft Jensen Training & Development Specialist, Nestlé

"The Unicorn Game allowed us to immediately enter an “out of the box” mood, take our creativity to the next level, and think and act as entrepreneurs do"

Fernando Sandoval Manager, Enel Innovation Hub Europe

“The game really emphasised the fast paced nature of the current business environment, whilst encouraging creativity and ideas to flow.”

Geoff Hart UK Country Director, Vaisala

“The World of Insights team is a great source of inspiration and to help us keep pushing the boundaries about how innovation and learning experiences could be designed.”

Catherine Wallwork Head of Innovation Engagement & Mindset, Deloitte Ventures

“Original, powerful and applicable to an infinite number of scenarios! This delightfully entertaining game operates at an entirely fictitious level. Yet, it uses universally recognisable and relevant references and a clear framework, meaning that the ideas and discoveries it generates are infinitely relatable.”

Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen ConnectMinds

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