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Design Thinking for Leaders Workshop

Introduce Design Thinking to your leaders in a collaborative and experiential workshop – online or face to face.

Experience user-centric innovation and design thinking in action.

Participants build user personas, define problem statements, brainstorm what if -ideas and craft quick prototypes of their solutions.

What you get…

  • A 3-4h workshop experience with access to required digital tools, templates, and game licenses.
  • Up to 25 participants can join the workshop together.
  • A world-class workshop facilitator. The whole experience can be delivered face to face or entirely online, and can be facilitated in English, French, German, Spanish, or Finnish.
  • All the written and digital materials are in English, with translations available as an extra service.

Loved by corporate game changers around the globe.

How does it work

The core of the workshop is built around the Unlimited – a design thinking game for business leaders. It combines digital card game elements into a creative challenge, resulting in a powerful learning experience. In the workshop, participants will:

  • discover design thinking leadership techniques
  • experience the whole process through an engaging game
  • practice their new skills to ease knowledge transfer

We are here to make your workshop impactful and engaging.

Let’s make a perfect fit by creating links to other contents from leadership to change management and design thinking.

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