Identify and Tackle Unhelpful Thinking

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Learn to identify common thinking errors and explore how to tackle them. This is a free tool to use for yourself or with others in training or workshops.

As business leaders, we are constantly making decisions, interacting with others and interpreting events.

Sometimes our interpretations are accurate, but our minds tend to simplify information or take shortcuts. The brain constantly processes information through filters that are based on our previous experiences and ideals.

This type of shortcutting can lead to “thinking errors”, which can lead to bad decision-making and difficulties in communication.

Our Unhelpful thinking styles -tool is an introduction to some common thinking errors and a simple guide for identifying and testing your own thinking.

The work is based on cognitive behavioral therapy developed by Aaron Beck and David Burns amongst others.

Download the free tool for your next course, training, or other learning solution design! This is a fillable PDF you can share with others.