Peer Coaching Canvas

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Our free GROW Peer Coaching Canvas is designed to help you with peer-coaching in small groups. To download the canvas click add to cart – you won’t be charged anything.


Based on the popular GROW model, the Peer Coaching canvas helps you to coach each other in small groups and articulate (or doodle) your Challenge, Goal, Reality, Options and Way forward.

You don’t need to be a professional coach to use the canvas. Here are simple instructions on using the canvas in meetings.

When to use: Whenever individuals or teams have a need to think through challenges or set goals – professional or personal.

Peer Coaching Meeting

  1. Set up some time aside (eg 30min) so you can focus on thinking it through with an easy pace.
  2. If you are more than 8 participants, we recommend dividing into breakout groups.
  3. Print a copy for everyone if meeting face to face and share a digital copy if online (The PDF has editable fields so participants can take their own notes).
  4. Invite everyone to participate and share a challenge they are currently facing. If you decide to work on a team challenge, choose one that you can work on together. If you want everyone to work on their own challenges, reserve more time and allow everyone (who wants) to share their own ideas as they move along
  5. The idea of peer coaching is to listen and support each other as you move through Goal, Reality, Options and finish with Way Forward.
  6. Each participant leaves with their own recording of the canvas – or if you work on a team challenge you can combine your notes or ask one person to take the notes.

If you are looking for further support to use with this free tool, take a look at our GROW Coaching Game or to get a copy for the whole team get the GROW Coaching Bundle.