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Using Improvisation to Develop Collaborative Leadership

You can’t force people to collaborate effectively. Cultivating a collaborative leadership culture requires empathy and an open mind.

Thu, March 18, 3:00 PM CET Online

The Unicorn Innovation Game | A Free Taster Session

A powerful online learning experience and serious game for teams. Explore how to adapt it in organisational development and training plans.

Wed, April 7, 9:30 AM CET Online

Empathic Feedback for Maximising Learning and Growth

Let’s face it, giving and receiving feedback can be a nightmare. How to give positive feedback that leads to behaviour change and impact?

Tue, May 11, 3:00 PM CET Online

Transform Corporate Learning | A Fireside Chat

Organisational learning practitioners and experts across Europe to discuss recent and upcoming changes in the learning and development landscape.

Thu, May 27, 3:00 PM CET Online

Become a
Unicorn Innovation

What You Get

This training will enable you to facilitate the Unicorn Innovation Game online or face to face.

Use the training to deploy the innovation game inside your company or deliver it to your customers as a consultant.

The training is packed into an effective two half days online and includes all the necessary self study materials to become a professional Unicorn facilitator.

  • 2 half days online of engaging group learning and practice with other facilitators
  • An online facilitators’ manual
  • A copy of the Unicorn card game
  • Presentation materials for facilitating the game
  • Access to facilitate the digital game (separate fee)

Count me in

Unicorn Accreditation program launching spring 2021. Enter your details to pre-signup and be the first to find out more when we launch.

The Unicorn game always results in engagement and ideas. It’s perfect in an academic, corporate or entrepreneurial setting. Thoroughly enjoy it every time I play or lead a session.

Alexander Sulaimani, Partner, Continuous Improvement & Transformation, Euroclear

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Learn all about how the Unicorn is transforming corporate learning

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply (3/6)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply (3/6)

Learners are able to solve problems to new situations by applying the acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Understand (2/6)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Understand (2/6)

Learners who have mastered Understand should be able to explain ideas and concepts, discuss and describe a topic in detail, explain what it means, recognise it and translate the facts in some way.

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